Estelle Morali-Silver was born in Lyon, France. After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in English, Literature and Civilisation, Estelle moved to Scotland in 2001 and completed a Postgraduate certificate in Education. Based in Edinburgh, she has been teaching Modern Languages for 12 years.

Estelle is also a freelance photographer and works on self-funded projects. One of her first project“Faces from Around the Corner”captured the people living in her area and was exhibited within the community.

Lately, she spent 4 months in Valencia, Spain to have a deeper understanding of the Spanish culture and society and worked on a street photography project "Variación española".

In 2014, she self-published her project “Impressions du creux des sables” which records her memories of the plot of land owned by her maternal grandparents. She is now working on a project dedicated to her paternal grandfather who was a radio operator in the fields during the Second World War.

Estelle Morali-Silver

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